covid-19 work Safe Plan

Permanent Improvements to Services

All tools and equipment, including those worn by staff, will be disinfected prior to and after services.

All vehicles will be returned after servicing with one disposable seat cover and one floor mat.  These products can be removed by staff if desired upon customer pick up.

Service times are likely to increase due to extra precautions being taken.

Social distancing will be observed between all staff and customers.  Masks will also be worn when dealing with customers and moving serviced vehicles.

If you are under quarantine, self isolation, or have come in contact with COVID-19 in any way, please advise of this while making your appointment for inspection or prior to servicing.  This may change when your services can be completed to help protect staff, future customers, and the rest of the community.  We will inform you as well if we are compromised and unable to service your vehicle due to similar scenarios.

Precautions to be taken when in Orange or Red Level Restrictions

Ozone will be used before interior cleaning will be started to kill a majority of pathogens.  Once services completed, an additional application of ozone will be used to further reduce risk of contamination.  This will come at the regular $50 charge for one "Ozone Treatment" service.

Some services may be temporarily suspended upon our discretion and service costs may increase due to COVID-19 precautions.

COVID-19 situation will be closely monitored and will remain open until ordered otherwise.

Cash may be refused.  E-transfer will be highly requested as well as use of debit and credit card reader.  We make use of a tap ready card reader.