Do not hesitate to request a service because your vehicle is dirty! thats why we are here!

Please allow time for initial assessment appointment before services can be agreed upon.  Inspection and estimate must be completed.  All pricing will be discussed during initial assessment.  Signatures and payment must be received prior to services unless otherwise specified.  There will be no surprise charges or additional fees.

In an attempt to be a green business, we prefer to e-mail receipts, invoices, and inspection forms to customers.  Cell phone numbers will be used for appointment reminders and for contact.

Most commonly used chemicals used are environmentally friendly, VOC complaint,  and bodyshop safe!

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Exterior services are limited in winter.  Get your exterior services before it gets cold to help keep your vehicle cleaner in the cold months!

Payment Options

We accept cash, credit, debit, and e-transfer to business e-mail (prez.detailing@gmail.com).


We do not carry cash, please use exact change or go with our debit/credit options.

No personal cheques please!

Invoicing is available for businesses only.


Any vehicle with a veteran’s license plate is eligible for a 15% discount.


Seniors (65+) are eligible for a 10% discount.


Please watch here for additional discounts and deals throughout the year.

Prepping Your Vehicle for Service Appointment

Before every appointment please remove all personal items especially delicate, religious, or spiritual items to avoid damages! Although we value and respect your belongings, we are not liable if damage to these items occurs.

Vehicles not in safe operating condition or leaking fluid may be declined service.  Always put vehicle maintenance first!

Please ensure vehicle registration remains in vehicle for liability purposes.

We are not responsible for re-installation of vehicle safety seats.

We will not open any storage compartments such as the glove box or center console unless requested by the customer. We value and respect your privacy and belongings.

Miscellaneous Disclaimers


Infesting pests such as and not limited to mice, rodents, bed bugs, lice, cockroaches, and flees must be treated by a certified exterminator.  If requesting services, and pest bugs are infested at some point in vehicle, a receipt from a certified exterminator must be provided or confirmation that pest bugs no longer infest vehicle.  This is to protect staff, future customers, and the community.  We are not certified or qualified to exterminate pest bugs.


If services are being rendered and pest bugs have been found to infest the vehicle, services may be cancelled at any point and may be subject to a fee up to and including $200.00.  This fee is to cover the cost of replacing infested equipment and preventing the spread of infestations.


To remove lingering odours and restore the vehicle to its previous condition before infestation, a "Complete Interior" package with use of "Ozone Treatment" is highly recommended at the least.



Accidents happen and sometimes we need a little help cleaning up after them.  If your vehicle contains bodily fluid stains or messes, mold, mildew, vermin infestation or anything otherwise hazardous to health we can help, but depending on the severity there may be an additional fee due to safety concerns. We highly recommend using the "Complete Interior" package with "Ozone Treatment" at the least to tackle these scenarios for best results.  Please let us know when booking your appointments.  We are discreet. 



Pet and long hair can work its way into fabric and carpets, requiring a great deal of labor to remove.  This is why we recommend a "Complete Interior" package for optimal removal.


95% of pet hair will be removed, but owners may find lingering hairs that work their way out of the upholstery and carpet over time.



Excessive tar, sap, sand, mud, and/or dirt may have an extra charge to properly clean.  This will be discussed during assessment.



All vehicles will have pictures and/or video taken of them to prove state of vehicle and improvements made.  Please specify if we may use any of this on our social media and/or advertisements.  We will not use any identifiable information.  We always respect customer privacy.



Prez Pro Detailing makes use of a dry vapour steam to clean with a minimal amount of moisture left behind.  This can make a great cleaning strategy on furniture, upholstery, carpet, and other items where heavy moisture may damage or increase risk of mold during cleaning.  Steam can safely sanitize or disinfect in the right circumstances which may aid in:

  • Killing bacteria, viruses, other microbial life, and even pest bugs.
  • Help to reduce allergens, mold, mildew and other growths.


As we are not certified in pathogen control and/or reduction, we cannot guarantee the reduction and/or treatment of diseases, viruses, pathogens, and/or bacteria.