Exterior Services

Maintenance Wash

Estimated Time: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour

Includes a hand wash of the vehicle’s exterior with a pH balanced soap, rim face cleaning, and an underbelly rinse. Door jambs will also be cleaned. Underbelly rinse may not be possible in some instances due to vehicle ground clearance or in winter.


Great Choice for Spring and Fall Service

Estimated Time: 2 to 4 hours

Everything included with the "pH Balanced Basic Wash" with the addition of degreasing exterior, bug and tar removal, and clay service to remove a great deal of surface contamination. Following up by a premium wax and sealant hybrid coating. Additional charges may apply for extreme cases of tar, asphalt, or other surface contaminations may apply.


Most Comprehensive Service! A must before polishing and Paint Correction! Perfect for a before winter service!

Estimated Time: 4 to 6 hours

Everything included with the "Prep & Seal" package with the addition of a chemical decontamination for the highest level of decontamination removal. This greatly assists with the removal of iron particles embedded in paint and rims which causes rust! This is the best way to help prevent premature paint wear and body rust. Highly recommend annually before winter.


Interior Services

Basic upkeep And Maintenance

Estimated Time: 1 to 2 hours

Includes a vacuum of the interior with the use of compressed air to dust the vehicle. Dash and entertainment console lightly degreased and dressed. Door jambs and glass also cleaned.

*Additional fees or charges may apply.


Great for semi annual service or whole interior maintenance. For vehicles without upholstery and carpet, this is all you need!

Estimated Time: 4 to 8 hours

Whole interior cleaning including a vacuum service and use of safe degreaser on all leathers, vinyls, and plastics. Steam cleaning of upholstery, seat belts, and headliner. Glass and door jambs cleaned as well. All leathers, vinyls, and plastics will be conditioned. Recommended for regular maintenance after a "Complete Interior" service has been completed.

*Additional charges may apply

Car $110

Truck/SUV $125

Large SUV/Van $150

Most Comprehensive Service! Great Annual Service Package! Kids making a mess? no problem! Not sure what that smell is? got you covered! Perfect if selling the vehicle or if it was previously owned!

Estimated Time: overnight to 2 days due to drying time and chemical process

Everything included with the "Interior Steaming" package plus carpet and upholstery shampooing/extraction. This is the cleanest your vehicle will get aside from taking apart the interior piece by piece. Highly recommend coupling with an "Ozone Treatment" package for best results.

*Additional charges may apply.

Car $200

Truck/SUV $225

Large SUV/Van $250

Only for the worst case scenarios. Recommended if vehicle was stolen or vandalized for passenger safety.

Estimated Time: possibly 1 week depending on complexity

Not typically recommended. This is to help cleanup after the worst case scenarios occur. This includes thorough decontamination of all interior services. Seats and carpet are removed and thoroughly cleaned. Bare cab is completely cleaned. The dash and electronics are not removed. Rust on bolts and fasteners may prevent acceptance of this level of work.


Additional Services & Fees

Mold and bodily fluids mostly

Accidents happen and sometimes we need a little help cleaning up after them. If your vehicle contains bodily fluid stains or messes, mold, mildew, vermin infestation or anything otherwise hazardous to health we can help, but depending on the severity there may be an additional fee due to safety concerns. We highly recommend using the Complete Interior package to tackle these scenarios for best results. Please let us know when booking your appointments. We are discreet.


For that total show room look

Basic cleaning of the engine bay. Helps remove grease, grime, oils or fluids, and heavy dust. Plastics and rubbers are dressed with a silicone-free dressing. We take every measure possible to prevent damage to your vehicle but sometimes wash procedures can cause check engine lights or warning trouble codes to activate due to already present wear and tear. Due to this, a waiver must be signed before this service can be started.


The perfect gift for someone who already has everything!

Can be for any amount over $40. These will not expire unless won at a raffle or as a give away event! Can be mailed at your discretion! Please advise if you are regifting as we track who is to redeem the certificate! We don't want someone else claiming your gift!


For pet hair or long stubborn hair that does not want to come out!

Hair from any source can work its way into fabric and carpet requiring a lot of labor to remove. This is why we recommend this service with the "Complete Interior" package as this is one of the best ways to remove the vast majority of loose hair strands.

*95% of hair will be removed, but you may find lingering hairs work their way out over time.


Harnessing science and nature together to remove odours and sanitize!

Estimated Time: minimum 1 hour

Using an ozone generator we apply ozone to the inside of your vehicle as a final step to help remove odours and to help break down bacteria or other pathogens. Ever notice how fresh it smells after a rain storm and lightning has occurred? The lightning creates naturally occurring ozone which helps clean up surrounding air! That process is what we want to put in your vehicle to help keep you and your passengers healthy. Don't worry though, after a short period, ozone reverts mostly back to normal, breathable oxygen leaving behind a crisp, clean scent.

*Highly recommended after vehicle is thoroughly dried following a "Complete Interior" package. Please allow time for the ozone to be removed out of your vehicle and neutralized.

**All vehicles must receive this package as required by our Covid-19 work safe plan and current area restrictions. Ozone will be applied before and after servicing to protect you, us, and the community. Only one charge will apply. Please ask for more details if you are unsure.


Need a ride after dropping off your vehicle? need to get picked up when your vehicle is done? Got you covered.

We will gladly shuttle you after you drop off your vehicle with us and pick you up! Just a small fee and we will take care of that for you! Typically $10 in town but distance from our shop could increase shuttle fees! Only meant for one person, please leave pets and children at home or make other arrangements! No food or drink please!


For stains requiring special attention and extra effort to resolve

We make every effort to remove stains with our "Complete Interior" package. This is why we typically do not charge extra for stain removal. If we can not remove the stain, we will not charge you extra for the attempt. This being said, some stains require special care to remove and can damage equipment. Please point out trouble spots when booking your appointments and we will see how we can help.

*Cleaning only one spot thoroughly on otherwise sullied fabrics only makes dirty fabric noticeable. Think cleaning only one spot on a dirty dinner plate! Gum, oils, greases, or any other hard to remove stain. These could potentially damage detailing equipment and it will be known that these stains may not be completely removed.